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How to get a story Published in a Newspaper?

Any piece of written work for the purpose of research, propaganda, news, debate, etc is called an article. An article or story that discusses or contains information about the current or recent news about any general or specific topic is a newspaper story or article. It may or may not be political but must contain ample facts, knowledge, polls, debates, statistics, graphs and even accounts of eyewitnesses or victims or anyone equally appropriate and trustworthy.

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Writing newspaper stories isn’t that difficult it requires practice and experience, however, here is an article to help one to get their stories published in a newspaper.

The crux of all news

The basic crux of all news are the six basic questions:

  1. Who?
  2. What?
  3. Where?
  4. When?
  5. Why?
  6. how?

All good newspaper story provides a satisfactory answer to all these above-mentioned questions.For example, if one wants to cover a newspaper story on an accident that has occurred, one must provide an answer to these questions,

  • Who has met with an accident?
  • what do they do?
  • where did the accident take place?
  • when did the accident take place?
  • why did this particular mishap happen?
  • how did this happen and how was the situation tackled?

The Inverted Pyramid

The style of journalism that places the most important facts in the beginning and works down accordingly from there is called The Inverted Pyramid. The first paragraph should always be very catchy and must contain maple facts, knowledge and information it must provide an overview of the entire article and must be written in an interesting manner so that it catches the attention of the reader and he reads further the entire story.  the rest of the story is just an exaggeration of that.

Always remember that it is about people and avoid a flowery language, try to keep it as objective as possible.

How to submit a newspaper story?

Choose your News

Choose your news wisely and tactfully. always look at it from a reader’s or editor’s perspective. choose a piece of news which will interest a reader and he might want to read further.

Aim your Pitch

One must make sure to target his pitch to the appropriate editor. you must always offer a well worth reading story.

Format your Pitch

Always a proper business-letter format should be used. use proper spaces and capital letters along with adequate and correct salutations

Polish your pitch

Always keep it to the point and brief and a flowery language must be avoided. use a formal language and keep your tone low and polite. like previously mentioned use the five “w” questions and pull the interest of the reader. never forget to use the basic crux of a newspaper story from the beginning.

And make sure you always research your story and then write your story with adequate and correct facts, examples, stats,


Getting your Story published

  • Get in touch with the right contact person.

Always get a hold of the right editor. the masthead of the newspapers provides the contact of various editors and editors in chiefs of various fields. research well and contact them.

  • Don’t be pushy and keep in touch.

Keep following your Editor and do what is required and what he says. always keep in touch via emails and other media.

  • Share your Portfolio

in the world of advancing technology, it is easy to create a portfolio. create and share your portfolio with the Editor,

  • Present your Story or Article properly and correctly.








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