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Blog - June 22, 2019

How to get on Google news?

A newly received noteworthy information about recent events or occurrences are called news . the news which appears on Google is called Google News. Google news is not about Google particularly but is the news that is shown, published or appears on Google

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Google News is an initiative by Google to bring to its users an up to date news coverage from all around the world and from all sources. However, the Google News App is an application software and News Aggregator developed by Google. It provides a series of the flow of articles based on not only recent searches and views but also based on our interests. It is available on iOS, Android and also on the Web.

So, How to get on Google News?

First, submit your website

Your site must follow Google’s technical and content policies to be accepted and included. It must also follow the technical news index and Webmaster guidelines.

To submit your site, follow the following steps.

  1. First, make sure you open the “Google News Publisher” Center
  2. Then don’t forget to verify ownership of your site, which you can do by using  “Search Console”.
  3. “Request Inclusion in News Index” must be clicked next
  4. Your website details must be included along with new section URLs and Labels.
  5. Finally, click on Submit

Always make sure that you have your content in plain HTML

Google’s indexing process is two-staged. The First stage is based on the HTML source code and the second stage is based on completely rendering the page which also includes executing Javascript.

Having a news-specific XML sitemap is necessary

The articles that you have published in the last 48 hours (maximum of 1000) is listed in an XML Sitemap and this is not mandatory but indeed necessary.

The Articles must be marked up with News Article Structured Data

Always remember to mark up your articles with News Article Structured Data.

However, it can be just the simple Article Structured Data or something even more specific like structured data segments that Google introduced, for example, like News Article analysis and Opinion for certain specific types of Articles. This is a mandatory step.

Having unique content and daily updates are necessary

Try to provide as much as a unique and interesting content as much as possible, but always keep it in your mind that you are not exaggerating too much. The headline or title is very important and must be very catchy so that it bounds readers to read it. Also, daily updates are required and necessary,

Choose your topic wisely

The topic that you are writing about is extremely important. You must be witty enough in choosing the topic. It must be simple, brief yet full of information and providing an insight into your complete news article. Always remember it is the topic and the title which will earn you readers. So, always choose it properly and wittily.




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