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Blog - News - June 27, 2019

How to report a story to the news?

Media outreach is difficult. It is not possible for the media to cater to the stories of the billions of people around the globe. Hence, if you feel that your account is important enough for media attention but are wondering how to succeed in doing that. Worry not! Here we have some pointers that will help you secure media coverage. Read on.

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1. Gather the contact details of the news outlets

In the era of the internet, almost all news companies have their contact details uploaded on the internet. Perform a thorough search on their various social media accounts for both their email ID and office address. If there are a lot of email addresses, intelligently locate the one which they are likely to check for public mails.

2. Approach as many news outlets as you can

The news outlets cater to a vast audience. Hence it is not easy for them to follow up every news story or tip that they receive from the public. So why take a chance and limit your account to one news channel only? The more news outlets you approach, the higher the odds of them covering your news story,

3. Select the news outlets according to your story

If you think your story requires the attention of the local news outlets, contact them. However, if it pertains to information of scientific or cultural kind and you wish a particular audience to know about your story, focus on news outlets that cover such stories.

4. State the reason why the news should cover your story

There are a million others who send news stories to the press in the hope of getting published. How does your story stand apart from the rest of them? To ensure that your story gets covered, convince those outlets that you are contacting, your story is relevant to their audience. They will run your story if you can successfully convince them that your story concerns their readers.

5. Frame your story properly

Be brief but extremely detailed. You must remember that nobody has the time to read through a five-page letter or email that you have sent them. State your concerns precisely and do not beat around the bush. Start your email by a proper address, state the subject of your letter in one line and come to the point right away. Before ending state why you think the news company should consider your story, and thank the individual you are writing the letter to. Maintain a formal tone throughout.


6. Make sure to have your facts right before reporting

You can never be too careful. Research well before publishing a story to the news. Also, make it a point to include as many facts as you possibly can. It makes the work of the news outlet easier and makes it more likely to take up your story.


7. Be persistent

Don’t be dishearted if they do not reply to your emails or letters right away. The press understandably has a lot on their plate. If you find them not responding for a long time, try again and keep on following up with semi-regular queries. 


Making the press listen to you might be hard, but it is not impossible. If you follow the above tips, there is a very high probability that a news outlet will respond to your story before long.



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