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Blog - June 27, 2019

How to report something to the news?

With 7 billion people on the planet, it sometimes becomes tricky to be heard above the rest. This becomes a hindrance when you have something to report to the news. The news outlets already have a lot on their plate, and catering to news stories pouring in every day can be quite challenging. Hence, gaining their attention can be extremely difficult. But worry not, because we have some solutions for you.

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Send your story to various news outlets

With such a massive number of the population contacting the press in the hope of getting their story covered, your chances of getting the news to run your report are pretty slim. But remember there are a lot of news channels already and more are cropping up every day. Use this in your favor. Thus to increase your chances, of being covered, send your story to multiple news channels, so that at least one of them reports it. 

Chose the news outlets wisely

Although there are thousands of news channels all around the world, there is no point in sending your story to all of them. So it is essential to assess the relevance of your account and which part of the audience is it likely to interest more. Understand the kind of news that your story will make- if it concerns your locality or city, or if it is of a different breed altogether- a variety to be featured under the scientific or cultural news. Now, based on your classification, contact the appropriate news outlet that will be interested in covering your story. 

Don’t beat around the bush

While writing a report, you should aim to be clear, brief yet highly detailed. Your tone should be formal in the report. Write a clear subject that summarises your entire story in one line and then by addressing the correct person, begin your letter. By introducing yourself a little bit, come to your point directly. Nobody, and especially the employees at a news company, has the time to read and understand a five-page letter. Use simple language to express yourself because then it becomes easier for them to comprehend what you are writing to them about.

Express clearly why you think they should run your story

There are thousands of people writing to the news outlets in the hope of getting their stories covered. Thus to ensure that your story is prioritized over the rest, you must convince them as to why they should run your story and what is so specifically special about it. 

Don’t lose hope

It might take days for the news agencies to get back to you because of the obvious reasons, so do not lose hope. Keep on following up with them and sending them the same story again and again after intervals because they might have missed your letter/email under a barrage of them. Have hopes.

In conclusion, research extensively about what you are reporting and include as many details as you can. This will make your story seem more genuine and increase the likelihood of the news outlets taking it up.


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