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Blog - June 27, 2019

How to send video to a news channel?

Videos are the new ways of telling stories. The time when most people used to spend reading through something has long gone. Today, the audience prefers almost everything in the form of audiovisuals. However, with the increase in the number of smartphones, everyone holds the ability to record videos. Thus, it might be tricky to get the attention of these news channels since they have thousands of videos pouring in every day. To ensure that your video gets their attention, remember and execute the following steps like gospel.

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Perform a thorough research on the internet

The internet is a hub of information. Search the world wide web for the contact information of the news channels where you can mail your videos to. Sometimes, popular news channels encourage their audience to share videos with them. For that, they have particulars forms and templates on their websites that their viewers or readers are expected to fill up before uploading their videos. To find such information, you must visit their websites.

Ensure newsworthiness

The content of your video should be relevant or exciting. Among the thousands of videos sent to the news channels daily, only a fraction of them all is accepted by the channel. Their selection is based on the video’s relevance to the channel’s audience. Thus, most importantly, focus on the importance of the video or if it shows something that will interest the viewers. Understand if your video possesses the quality to become viral. It is only when it immediately concerns the general public, that increases its chance of being selected by the news channel for broadcast.

Ensure proper quality

News channels are likely to accept your video more if they are of appropriate condition, and the events happening in the clip are quite understandable. The audience will mostly not show interest in videos where the events occurring are not entirely clear. The video should preferably be shot from proximity. It also must not be blurred, and if the video has sound, the audio must be properly audible as well.

Length of the video should be preferably short

The audience will stop watching any video the moment they lose interest. Such videos are extremely unlikely to be run by any news channels. However, to prevent that, you must ensure that the content of your video is enough to engage anyone watching it right from the start. This will increase the chances of your video being selected by the news channel.

The color gradient 

You can ensure that the video has an attractive or at least a balanced color palette. If it is a video of a sudden event, at least try to make sure that the video isn’t hazy.

Send your video to more than one news channel

There are 7 billion people on this planet but let us look on the bright side. There are millions of news channels all around the globe and more cropping up every day. The best way to ensure that your video is selected for broadcast is to send it to more than a single news channel. 

You can be assured that your video will be selected for broadcasting by one of the millions of news channels if you abide by the above rules.


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