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Blog - June 27, 2019

How to submit a story to local news?

In this world of a vast population, it becomes challenging to make your voice heard. Thus, to increase your chances, it is best to report your story to the local news because it is the most relevant in your area. However, even that might be tricky because even your local news will have hundreds of story applications every day. So, what do you do to make yourself heard by them? Simple. You follow the following rules.

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1. Research

You can never be too careful. Try and find as many small details that you can. The worst thing that you can do in this case is to report your story with wrong or not enough details. Talk to other people to find out more about the story and record their inputs. Doing your research thoroughly helps in two ways. First, the news outlet will be more convinced by your report and will be interested in taking it up. Secondly, you are making their work a little easier. However, do not think for one instance that they will run your story without detailed revision.

2. Find the most relevant email address

This is the era of the world wide web. You can find every information at the click of the mouse and the flick of a finger. Scour the news websites for their email addresses and find out the one where the news personnel is most likely to read through your email. For example, there is no use in sending your story to an email address dedicated to public feedback. 

3. Send your account to more than one local news

It is always better not to take chances. If you are convinced about the relevance of your report to the local audience, make sure that it is published by sending it to all the news outlets near you. This way, if one outlet rejects or fails to notice your report, one or the other of the numerous local news outlets will notify and if they find it fit enough, will run it. 

4. Express why you think your story is relevant

This is one of the most critical aspects to make sure that your story is accepted. The news companies get hundreds of entries each day, and only 1/3rd of them earn the local news. The news outlets only report that they feel is pertinent based on their readership. To ensure that your story is among them, you have to convince the local news outlets of its genuineness and why you think it will be relevant to their audience. Remember that you have to to make your stance satisfactorily.

5. Do not deliberate

While writing your report, do not beat around the bush and come straight to the point. Use a formal tone and write in simple language. Noone, and especially the people of a news organization has the time to go through and understand an elaborate letter.

6. Persist

It is important not to lose hope, even if you find that your story has not been published. This means that you have to try again. And again. Until you get the attention of the local news. 


The entire procedure might be very time consuming and exasperating at the beginning, but once your story is selected to be covered, it will gain wide circulation. This is what you must remember if you have the urge to stop trying.


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