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Blog - June 21, 2019

How to write a good newspaper article step by step?

It might be terrifying to begin writing a newspaper article. It is essential to know your basics, remember what makes your material relevant to your audience and most importantly, to think on their terms. It is necessary to question yourself what makes a newspaper article good enough. Is it just the writing, or is the presentation important as well? Well, fear not. Abide by the below points to write a good newspaper article step by step.

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Step 1. Research

Research your topic thoroughly. Don’t let any aspect slip by your finger. If that happens, there is a considerable chance of misreporting and leaving out crucial information and thereby misdirecting your readership. To prevent that from happening, compile all your facts before starting to write your article.

Step 2. Don’t beat around the bush

Readers nowadays hardly have the time to go through the entire article. To maintain a loyal readership, you must give them exactly what they want. Its heading and intro characterize a good newspaper article. The heading should summarise the entire article in one sentence, and the intro should be able to achieve that is not more than three or four crisp sentences.

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Step 3. Organize your content

Don’t include bits of your story at random places throughout your article. Your article must have an organic layout where the story must proceed gradually. Include the most critical part of your account in the introduction. Keep in mind the five W’s and one H- Who, What, Where, When, Why and How and answer accordingly. Then move on to the body where you describe the events a bit more and then proceed with the relevant quotations. Finally, end with a conclusion pertaining to your article.

Step 4. Quote people

A newspaper article becomes highly relevant when the writer uses the perspectives of the public. Interview people who have been directly affected by what you are covering in your essay. Their point of view will help your readers grasp the situation better.

Step 5. Use proper punctuations

Using wrong punctuations changes the meaning of your entire article and takes away the spotlight from the significant points.  

Step 6. Keep your sentences short

No one has the patience to read and decipher a complicated sentence, especially when you are writing a hard news article. Aim at short, crisp sentences that communicate easily with your readers. Avoid flowery language. Your goal should be to write an essay that demonstrates it’s meaning quickly to its readers.

Step 7. Avoid bad grammar

Know the language that you are writing in.. Readers generally look down on meaningless sentences, fancy words without context, and especially wrong sentence construction.

Step 8. Be professional

The tone of your article should be pure yet formal. Be aloof while you are writing an essay on hard news. If you are writing a soft report, give your perspective but not too much. Unparliamentary and vulgar language should be strictly avoided. Keeping these points in mind is of utmost importance if you want your reader to take your writing seriously.

Step 9. Proofread

Finally, the last step which is of utmost importance because it is through this that you can achieve perfection while writing a news article. Keep on proofreading till the point you are sure that it contains zero errors.


Everything becomes a lot easier once you know the method of accomplishing, writing a newspaper article step by step. Abide by the above steps to successfully turn in a fantastic newspaper article. Remember, there is nothing you cannot do!

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