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How to write a newspaper article example?

In this world, which primarily revolves around visual content, people are reading lesser every day. They prefer visual news over reading a newspaper, either offline or online. Thus to compete with the audio-visual industry, one has to radicalize the method in which one writes a newspaper article so that the audience is tempted enough to read through the material. Below we tell you the method which helps you in accomplishing how to write a newspaper article.

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The headline is a principal part of your story. Here, in not more than a short sentence, you must summarise your news article. Make the heading snappy and precise so that the person reading the headline is tempted to check the intro of your essay. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination, elevate the curiosity of your reader by using question clauses and exclamations.

Intro or leads

The most critical part in the entire news article is the intro or the lead. Here you must summarise the whole piece of news in a maximum of three lines. Remember the five W-s and one H leads- Who, What, Where, When, Why and How and answer the questions about the piece of news accordingly. Following this format, you shall present the entire news story to your audience in a nutshell instead of beating around the bush.

In the world of the 21st century, almost no one has the time to go through the entire article and mostly, this is where your reader shall stop reading unless you buckle up and use better devices to capture their attention. You can use the astonishing lead where you can present the unexpected to your reader, or the question lead which piques their curiosity.

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  • Keep moving the story forward smoothly and maintain the cohesion of thought.  
  • Avoid using complicated sentences because readers hardly have the tolerance for reading something time-consuming. They want short, crisp sentences with perfect grammar, sentences that are very easy to decipher.
  • Don’t make grammatical errors because it ruins the seriousness of an entire article.
  • Avoid fancy words because a reader today won’t consult the dictionary while reading the newspaper.
  • The language of the news story should be formal, aloof, and more preferably in an active voice. Slang words and vulgar language should be entirely abstained from.

Use quotes

When reporting hard news, make sure you quote people either from the scene the article is published from or people directly affected by the events. This makes your essay a lot more genuine and exciting than those that lack the perspectives of the public.


No article is perfect after writing it. It will contain errors invisible to you at that moment. Thus to avoid silly mistakes in your essay, give it some time and read through it continuously unless you feel that it is devoid of all errors.


Writing a newspaper article can sometimes be extremely difficult. Thus it is of paramount importance that you follow these above rules if you want to write a fruitful newspaper article.

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